Oztimum is a brand of B for Business created in August 2010.

The name Oztimum comes from the merge of OZ and OPTIMUM.  »Oz » is the nickname of Australia in the world and  »Optimum » is the most favorable situation or level for growth or success. The goal is to show that Oztimum is an easy way for students to find an internship. We optimize students’ internship search as well as their arrival’s organisation and their stay in Australia or New Zealand. Oztimum do not offer only an internship, but a package with an internship offer and a lot of other services.

Need help with your accommodation, flights, bank accounts and anything that you would really worry about before leaving? We are here to help you! Just send an email to students@oztimum.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Today we work with more than 200 business partners all over Australia and New Zealand, and 90% of applicants find an internship through us. Nothing would have been possible without you… So THANK YOU! Indeed, with over 150 business partners offering up to 200 internships and work experiences every year, Oztimum is a fast growing leader when it comes to find a PAID internship in Australia and New-Zealand. As a matter of fact, 85% of our offers are paid.





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