Oztimum helps international students to find an internship in Australia or New Zealand as well as companies to find the right intern for their businesses.


Here are the different steps to find your right internship:

#1. Check out our offers in the section Internships

#2. Click on “Apply here” and complete the Oztiform

#3. Our Students Coordinator contacts you to arrange a chat on Skype in order to answer to any questions you might have but also determine your specific needs

#4. After your Skype meeting with our Students Coordinator, you will have to pay a deposit* so that we can start sending your resume to our partners. Successful applicants will be invited to a Skype interview with the company. Unsuccessful ones will be given other chances with other partners

#5. Congratulations, you have your internship ! Now we organize your arrival and assist you with all the administrative tasks : internship agreement, visa, tax file number, bank account, sim card…


*To start getting interviews with companies, you have to pay the deposit of 100€. The deposit is 100% refundable.

Considering the time we dedicate to find you the best internship, the deposit is not refundable if:

  1. You have scheduled an interview with a company and you don’t attend it without warning us and them.
  2. You had a successful interview with a company but you do not accept the internship for personal or professional reasons.
  3. You had an interview with a company but the company decided your profile is not the best one.
  4. You do not reply to our emails for more than 7 days in a row without warning us.

In any of these 4 cases, if you ask for it we will keep doing our best to find you the most suitable internship


Regarding our prices: 

Oztimum offers two packages: 


550 Euros

for an Unpaid Internship

850 Euros

for a paid Internship

Packages include everything you need to find the right internship, facilitate your arrival in Australia or New-Zealand and help you settle down here, which means:

  • How to do a perfect Australian resume
  • Coach you to succeed in your interview
  • Putting you in relation with the right company
  • Assist you with your health insurance
  • Facilitate process with your visa
  • Help with your flight tickets
  • Take care of your Tax File Number (compulsory to work)
  • Help with your bank account (free for one year)
  • Fill your internship agreement
  • Find your SIM card


And much more …

Oztimum also provides extra services for accommodation and airport pickup (only in Sydney) at an extra cost (160€ each or bundled offer of 250€).


Whatever the package, Oztimum helps you from the beginning until the last day of your internship. We coach you, arrange matching interviews, manage administrative procedures, and we assist you with only one target :making your recruitment experience easy so that you have the best experience possible! 


Extra Services: 


Finding an accommodation in Sydney is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will face when arriving in Australia. That’s why Oztimum helps you with different types of accommodations across Sydney: share rooms, single rooms or double rooms. All our accommodations are in individual townhouses, generally less than 20 minutes walk from the CBD. For more info, you can contact us here.


Do you know this moment when you leave the Sydney airport with your baggage and you stop and stare the exit door? What a lonely moment isn’t it? We can help you to avoid this at your arrival with our airport pick up service. You will not have to worry about the transport, someone will wait for you and drive you at your accommodation. For more info, click here.


Our prices for extra services: 

Accommodation + Airport Pick up = 250 Euros*

Accommodation or Airport Pick Up = 160 Euros**


* A shared, single or double room in Sydney & Airport pick-up
** A shared, single or double room in Sydney OR an airport pick-up with a private driver and car (Sydney only). Please note that this service is subject to availability